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Sam Accounting Inc. believes that highly-qualified employees form the backbone of a first class and distinguished company. That is why we only hire first-rate professionals who have an extensive background in the tax services field. Our first-class expertise will help propel your business to the next level because our knowledgeable Toronto-based staff is geared towards providing and maintaining a healthy relationship with our clients through open-line communication.

We will pass on our advice, and present our findings in an accessible and easy-to-understand format that will ensure that desirable results for your company are within reach. Our professionals will make your company's goals financially manageable without over-stretching or under-utilizing your resources and potential. We see each business relationship as a partnership, and with this mind frame we see that we have a vested interest and stake in your company's success


Keeping tracks of your books is time-consuming and is expensive as it requires a company - who does not outsource this work - to dedicate a whole department to this important business function. We provide reliable, affordable tax services to any and all Toronto-based companies and we ensure that your taxing functions will not occupy your business personnel's time nor drain your company of its financial resources. Our chartered accountants will give your company the edge through intelligent accounting strategies and monetary planning. We will aim to instill a financially responsible culture within your small to medium-sized company that will rectify past financial decisions and practices that were negligent and counterproductive to optimal profit growth.


Oftentimes, tax service firms, especially local ones in the Greater Toronto Area, will try to implement a variety of financial strategies that are too revolutionary for clients to implement all at once. We are cognizant of this overwhelming burden and try to bring forward a practical plan to implement the right steps, at the right time and in a feasible manner for your small to medium sized businesses. Our prescriptive bookkeeping methods will show you that small changes can make big differences when it comes to managing the books, and your accounts receivable and accounts payable are where you want them to be. Our consultation services will ensure that your books fall in line with a responsible financial management within your company. We will relay all the necessary accounting information to you to enhance your business prospects.

Personal Tax

Sam Accounting Inc. provides the Greater Toronto Area residents with a variety of personal tax services, such as income from employment, rental income, old age benefits, appeals, limited partnerships and so forth. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are able to micro-manage personal tax cases, while being able to deal with businesses of all sizes. We will advise you on tax compliance, tax planning, maximize your deductibles, wise investment decisions from a tax perspective and general taxing advice.

Financial Statement

We will integrate an accounting system that captures the financial statement that neatly compartmentalizes your balance sheet, income statement, statement of retained earnings and statement of cash flows. We will provide a reliable, relevant, easy-to-follow and comparable financial statement that makes clear the company's financial performance. An accurate and relevant financial statement is crucial for your organization to make the right business decisions, attract prospective investors and show the viability of your business performance to loaning institutions such as banks.

G.S.T & P.S.T

Our experienced staff will ensure that your business is thoroughly updated on how the GST and PST system currently works. We will collect and remit these taxes on your behalf, give you a brief summary about your tax credit; and we will ensure that there is no overpayment on your behalf. Sam Accounting, a growing accountant firm that serves the Greater Toronto Area, deeply believes in a 'lean accounting' philosophy which aims to minimize your tax payment by utilizing accepted accounting practices to ensure that your business' accounting practices will spearhead your company forward, not hold it back.

Payroll Services

We will integrate a payroll services system into your business function that will factor-in all the necessary detail and perform all the necessary functions. We will install a payroll systems that will capture all the pay period for all earnings and deductions for each employee, which will neatly compartmentalize the rate changes; deductions and earnings; status changes; total earnings; total hours; demographic information; payroll journal entry; total breakdown of monthly payroll costs; and a total management system that makes clear the payroll section of the accounting.

Busniness Registration

Many people have great ideas that they can turn into profitable undertakings but they need to be guided in the right direction. Sam Accounting Inc. will help register your business and guide you to what business types and business organizations best are best in line with your particular concerns. We will go through the advantages and disadvantages of all the business types (i.e. incorporation, limited partnership, sole proprietorship, partnership etc.), and thoroughly discuss what your liabilities are, which business organizations makes you more attractive to bank loans and so forth. After discussing the benefits and drawbacks and coming to a decision, we will - at no inconvenience for you - register your business and get you off the right foot.

Conditional Immigration

Free Consultation

Here at Sam Accounting we will provide a free consultation session for Toronto firms that will explain our tax services capabilities and function; and similarly give us a chance to be acquainted with your business` goals and culture.