Sam Accounting Inc.

Since the Government of Canada has made incorporation an easy matter, many have decided to take this step. Incorporating your business has many advantages, and Sam Accounting Inc. will ensure that we get your incorporation off on the right foot.


Sam Accounting Inc, a Toronto based tax services firm will give you the essential data and critical financial information that will help propel your business to the next level. This is because it is through accounting information that will help guide your managers into making sound business decisions, inform potential investors, enable you to figure your assets, cut unneeded expenses or minimize them through our 'lean accounting philosophy' and so forth.


As a Toronto-based tax services specialists, we are insistent on providing your business with all the crucial details, while at the same time, giving you insight into the bigger picture. For incorporated businesses, bookkeeping of every transaction - such as sales, purchases, payments and so on - is crucial as it enables you to see where your business needs to improve and work on. Our bookkeeping entries will leave no detail out, and we will go create and go through your bookkeeping records line-by-line and guide you on how to minimize or get rid of excessive and unnecessary costs.


Our tax-services firm, located in the heart of Toronto, will carefully go through the steps on how to file a GST and PST tax return. Remitting and calculating your exact taxes is often a burdensome tax and is often done in a sloppy manner if it is not given to professionals. Sam Accounting Inc. can save you money with our innovative tax service methods and we will utilize the tax codes to your advantage. We will ensure that you walk away saving more money than you would have thought.

Payroll Services

Sam Accounting Inc. will implement a comprehensive payroll service infrastructure into your business that will make payroll and costs clear and transparent to your firm. Our Toronto-based tax services firm will make sure that while you focus on your core business: we will take care of all your tax service needs and make them into a management asset. Our experienced team will establish a coherent human resources information system and simplify the internal organization, which can easily track the payments that are inputted into your businesses payroll system.

Corporate Tax

Our specialists will deal with a whole assortment of your accounting and corporate tax needs. We will, through our first-rate accounting practices, minimize your taxes; rectify any cash flow problems your business may experience due to financial mismanagement; increase your profitability; and keep on top of ever changing corporation tax legislation. Our lean tax philosophy means that we will increase your capacity to generate revenues by decreasing financial expenditures. We have been proudly providing the Greater Toronto Area with tax solutions and tax services and have become a reputable and distinguished firm.

Financial Statement

Sam Accounting Inc. will create an accounting system that will enable you to plan for future expenditures and plan sales quotes. The goal of financial statements is to predict industry trends and clarify your own businesses potential economic growth. What is entailed in financial system is numbers and analysis that really shed light on where your business is heading. Our tax services firm in the Greater Toronto Area employee first-rate professionals who will guide your business strategies by examining our findings and sharing them with your firm.